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Argent Communications, LLC reserves the right to amend the information presented on this site at any time, without prior notification. Any information on this web site that contradicts the official policies of Argent Communications, LLC is considered invalid and unenforceable. Documents printed from this web site are only valid at such time as they have been inspected and accepted by authorized personnel. Our policies are subject to change without notice. Any policy listed on this website that conflicts with our current policy shall be void.


This is a summary of the customer privacy policy for our cable television service. It is provided to you pursuant to federal law which generally protects personally identifiable information that you have provided to us or that we have collected about you using our cable system. We consider the privacy of our customers to be very important, and we are committed to keeping nonpublic personal information about our customers secure and confidential. In the following paragraphs we will describe the types of personal information we collect, what we may do with it, how we protect it, how long we keep the information, and your right to review it, to correct errors in it and to enforce your rights. With respect to our internal security procedures, we maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your nonpublic personal information, and we take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized access to this information.

  • 1. Customer information we collect -- We keep regular business records that contain your name, your billing and email addresses and telephone numbers and other personally identifiable information. These records include some, but typically not all, of the following information: your driver’s license number; social security number; bank and credit card account numbers used to pay for our services and other billing, payment and credit information; service options you have chosen; customer correspondence and complaint and maintenance records. If you rent your residence, we may have a record of whether landlord permission was required prior to installing our cable facilities as well as your landlord’s name, address and telephone number. We may combine the personally identifiable information that we collect as part of our regular business records with personally identifiable information obtained from third parties for the purpose of creating an enhanced customer database and records. We may maintain records of research concerning customer satisfaction and viewing habits which are obtained from customer interviews and questionnaires.

  • 2. How we use customer information -- We use the personally identifiable information we collect about you primarily to conduct business activities related to providing you with our cable services and other services, and to help us detect and prosecute theft of service. Generally we use this information for billing and collections, administration, customer surveys, marketing of our products and services, service delivery and customization, maintenance and operations, fraud prevention, disconnect and reconnect services, and our own tax and accounting records, statistics and demographic studies. We also use this information to identify you when inquiries or changes are made with respect to your account or the services that you receive. We may also electronically test the system from time to time to determine whether you are being properly billed for the Argent Communications services you are receiving.

  • 3. Disclosure of customer information to third parties -- We may disclose personally identifiable information about you to a third party if (a) you consent in advance in writing or electronically; (b) disclosure is necessary to conduct a legitimate business activity related to the cable service and other services we provide to you; (c) disclosure is required by law, legal process or court order; or (d) disclosure is made to a governmental entity as authorized under Chapters 119, 121 or 206 of Title 18, United States Code, except that such disclosure shall not include records revealing subscriber selection of video programming. Disclosure necessary to conduct a legitimate business activity related to the services we provide includes, but is not limited to, the release of personally identifiable information to employees, contractors, and other agents of the company to install, market, provide and audit cable service; to collection agencies if necessary to collect past due bills or unreturned equipment; to program suppliers (or their agents) to send program guides and for auditing purposes; to our attorneys and accountants if required for the proper functioning of our business; to third-party billing systems to prepare and send your bills, to a third-party purchaser of our cable system assets; and to our attorneys and/or law enforcement agencies if necessary for the detection and prosecution of theft of services or other unauthorized or illegal activities. The frequency of any disclosure of personally identifiable information varies in accordance with our business needs and activities. Unless you object, from time to time, we may also disclose your name and address for cable-related mailing lists and other purposes. We will not disclose the extent of your viewing or use of a particular service or the nature of any transaction you may make over the cable system. If you wish to remove your name from such lists or limit the use of your name at any time, please contact us in writing. Your written notification should NOT be sent with your payment, it should be mailed to your local Argent office. The local office address appears on the top left corner of your bill. If you have previously notified us, in writing, to remove your name from any mailing list, it is NOT necessary to notify us again. Please note, Argent Communications does not release the names and addresses of its customers to any third party except as it relates to providing legitimate cable-related services to our customers. 

  • 4. How do we protect the information - We follow standard industry practices and take such actions as are reasonably necessary to prevent unauthorized access to customers’ personally identifiable information by a person other than the customer or us. We cannot guarantee, however, that these practices will prevent every unauthorized attempt to access, use or disclose personally identifiable information. 

  • 5. How long do we keep information -- We will maintain information about you for as long as we provide service to you and for a longer time if necessary for related business activities. Ordinarily, we will keep records for at least six (6) years for tax reasons. When information is no longer necessary for our purposes, we will destroy the information unless there is a court order or a pending legitimate request or governmental order to inspect or maintain the information. 

  • 6. Your right to review and correct the information -- You have the right to inspect our records that contain information specifically about you, correct any error in our information, and enforce your rights under federal law. We will correct our records if you make a reasonable showing that any of the personally identifiable information we have collected about you is incorrect. We reserve the right to charge you for the cost of copying any documents that you request. Except for disclosures to a governmental entity as authorized under Chapters 119, 121 or 206 of Title 18, United States Code or when we are prohibited from notifying you by a court or administrative order, you generally have a right to advance notice and an opportunity to participate in a proceeding in which the government seeks to obtain your personally identifiable information from us. If you wish to inspect the records pertaining to you at our system office or review your statutory rights, please contact us to set up an appointment during regular business hours. Federal law limits our collection and disclosure of personally identifiable information as described above, and an aggrieved party may bring a private action in a United States District Court to enforce his/her federal rights, including recovery of statutory damages and costs. We regularly review our services, policies and practices as part of our commitment to improve the quality of services we provide to our subscribers. We may change these services, policies and practices in the future and, if that occurs, we will notify you of any material changes and the effective date of those changes through written, electronic or other appropriate means as permitted by law. If you find the change unacceptable, you have the right to cancel your service; however, if you continue to receive services after the effective date of any change, we will consider that your acceptance of the change.


In return for the timely payment of a monthly fee and other applicable service charges, we will provide to you the services that you select from the programming packages we offer. As required by federal law, you must first subscribe to our Limited Basic Service to buy other optional cable television services. Subject to applicable law, we have the right at any time to change the services and equipment that we offer to you, as well as prices and fees for such services and equipment. We also may rearrange, delete or add to or otherwise change the programming services provided by us. If the change directly affects the services you are receiving from us, we will provide you notice of the change and the effective date. The notice may be provided on your monthly bill, as a bill insert, in a newspaper or by any other permitted communication. If you find the change unacceptable, you have the right to cancel or change your service; however, if you continue to receive the service after the effective date of the change, we will consider this acceptance of the change.


Absent unusual circumstances, our cable system will deliver a video and audio signal meeting all required standards to at least two television sets in your home or business. In addition, the installation and/or maintenance work we perform and the materials we use will be free from defects for a period of 90 days after such work is completed. If any defects in workmanship or materials are reported to us within 90 days of when the work is completed, we shall correct such defects without charge to you. Correction of such defects shall constitute our sole obligation, however. This obligation will not apply to defects resulting from abuse, misuse, tampering, acts of God, or repairs performed by unauthorized persons. We provide free service calls for any interruption of service resulting from the failure of our equipment, such as digital set-top boxes, that we install and continue to own, or from weather or other conditions clearly beyond the control of the customer. Other service calls including cable installation, repairs (such as failure of your equipment and cable home wiring that is not covered by the free service policy), and calls related to changes in the level of cable service will be billed at our standard rate.


The foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether written or implied, in Equity or in law. We specifically disclaim all other warranties, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, unless otherwise prohibited by law. In no event shall we have any liability for special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of our installation and/or maintenance activities or any materials furnished or used in connection with such activities (such as, but not limited to, losses or expenses due to inability to use the wiring or associated equipment), whether a claim is sought in contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise.


Federal law defines “cable home wiring” as the internal wiring contained within your premises, which begins at the demarcation point. The "demarcation point" is defined by federal law as the point at (or about) 12 inches outside of where the wire enters the outside wall of your single family home or, in the case of an apartment building, 12 inches outside of where the cable wire enters the outside wall of your individual unit. Cable home wiring does not include any active elements such as amplifiers, digital set-top boxes or remote control units that may be located within your premises. Cable home wiring is your property and its maintenance, repair and replacement is your sole responsibility unless we specifically assume such responsibility in a written agreement with you.


Our cable television service is delivered by a broadband RF signal. We encode this signal with multiple visual, audio and text information. Our cable television signal may be split using conventional broadband splitters available through us or competitive sources. Directional switches or A/B switches also may be used to alternate between our RF signal and other broadband RF signals provided by competitors. Customer-owned equipment, such as cable-ready digital television sets with QAM capable tuners or cable ready digital video recorders (DVRs) generally are capable of directly receiving the non-scrambled portions of our broadband signal. You can receive these unscrambled signals typically by selecting the appropriate channel number on a cable-ready digital television, DVR or digital set-top box. We also scramble a portion of our broadband signal, including our non-basic service tiers, premium and pay-per-view channels and our high definition and other digital video, audio and text services, to secure it from unauthorized use.


Federal law requires us to inform you of any broadcast stations that cannot be viewed without a digital set-top box. The specific broadcast stations that we carry on our cable system are listed in the Limited Basic Service portion of our channel line-up and each can be viewed without the use of a digital set-top box if you have the correct equipment. If you want to view without a digital set-top box the standard definition and high definition digital broadcast signals that we offer, you will need to have a cable-ready digital television set with a QAM capable tuner or such other device that can receive such unscrambled digital broadcast signals.


You will be billed monthly for services. We bill for our current month’s service in advance and we bill for pay-per-view and video on demand services following their delivery. All charges are due upon receipt of our invoice. Our billing cycles vary by region; payment is expected by the due date identified on our monthly statements. Balances which remain unpaid 45 days after the billing date will be subject to disconnection. Reconnection fees will be charged to restore service. There is a fee charged for returned checks. You will be billed for chargeable work at our standard service rates. We will issue a credit or refund for any billing error which is brought to our attention by you within 60 days of the invoice date. If we receive partial payment of any amounts you owe, we will apply such payments first to any outstanding amount due for telephone service if you are a telephone customer and then to the oldest outstanding invoice and any remaining amounts will be applied to any other invoices in the amounts and proportions as we reasonably determine.

We urge you to call us any time you have questions or concerns about your service, equipment or any other aspect of the cable television service which we take pride in providing to you. 


You may be billed fees, charges and assessments related to late payments or non-payments if for any reason (i) we do not receive from you by the payment due date any required payment for the services we provide you or (ii) you pay less than the full amount due for the services. If we are required to use a collection agency or attorney to collect money owed by you, you agree to pay the reasonable costs of collection. These costs include but are not limited to any collection agency’s fees, reasonable attorneys’ fees and arbitration or court costs.


We are dedicated to providing quality cable television service to our customers and to assuring that any problem that may arise is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. These customer service procedures, in addition to many other issues, are covered in informational materials provided to you at the time of installation and annually thereafter. This notice summarizes the procedures to follow to help us resolve problems you may have with the quality of the television signals that we deliver to you. 

  • 1. We do everything possible to make sure the picture you receive is the best it can possibly be. If you’re experiencing reception problems, there could be a quick, easy solution right in your home. Before you call us, please review the following troubleshooting checklist: (1) Make sure your TV and the digital set-top box are plugged into a live electrical outlet and are turned on. Press the ‘On’ button. (2) For digital set-top box use, make sure your TV is tuned to channel 3 (channel 4 for some televisions) by pressing the ‘Channel’ button on your remote. (3) Hand-tighten all the connections to your TV, VCR, DVR and other video equipment. (4) Switch all cable-ready TVs to “CATV.” (5) If you have more than one cable outlet, check to see if the problem is occurring on all TVs connected to our cable television service. (6) Check all the channels to determine if the problem is on only one channel, on all channels, or on a group of channels. (7) Make sure the batteries in your remote are working properly. If you continue to experience a problem with picture or signal quality, you should review your TV, VCR, DVR and/or digital set-top box manual for proper adjustment. If the problem does not clear up, you should call our office and describe the problem to a Customer Service Representative (CSR). Our business office hours and telephone numbers can be found on your monthly statement. Alternatively, if you wish to put your comments in writing, your letter should be addressed to Argent Communications at the mailing address listed on your monthly statement. 

  • 2. We will make all reasonable efforts to resolve any complaints you have concerning the quality of our signals promptly and efficiently. Our CSRs and Service Technician staffs are well trained and have the authority to do whatever is reasonably necessary to solve your problem or initiate the solution, including replacement of any non-operating Argent Communications-provided equipment to provide quality service. 

  • 3. When you call about a service problem during normal business hours, all complaints received concerning the technical quality of the cable television signals will be logged in on the day of receipt. The date, time, and nature of your complaint will be noted, as well as your name, address, and telephone number. A CSR will attempt to determine the nature of the problem and, if possible, will help you resolve the problem over the phone. If the problem cannot be resolved during the call, the CSR will schedule a service appointment with you, usually within 72 hours of the time you call, excluding weekends and holidays. If our workload permits, the CSR will attempt to schedule a service appointment for same-day service. In order to correct the problem, we may need access to your premises. If access is not granted, we will ensure our service is working properly from the origination point of the service drop wire connecting your residence to our cable system network. Without access, we cannot check the service integrity of the residential in-home wires, connectors or the equipment we provided you to receive our service. If our service technician is unable to correct the problem to your satisfaction we will, at your request, schedule a second service appointment. If we remain unable to correct the problem, you will be notified of this fact and the reason why. There is currently no charge for service appointments if our equipment causes the problem. 

  • 4. If you call about a service problem outside of regular business hours, an answering machine may answer the call. Please leave both your home and work telephone numbers... We will call you back during normal business hours the next working day to resolve the matter. 

  • 5. Emergencies that affect signal quality such as fallen poles, violent storms or very cold weather may interfere with the reception of your cable service. We are committed to having one of our crews promptly correct an emergency situation. We pledge immediate response at any time if a large area of the system is experiencing technical difficulties. 

  • 6. If you are unable to get a problem resolved to your satisfaction, you may submit your complaint to us in writing. We will maintain complaint records for at least a two-year period. In addition, those records will be available for inspection by the local franchising authority or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). If you are not satisfied with our handling of your complaint, you may contact the local franchising authority as well as the NH Attorney General’s Office which has a Consumer Protection and Anti-Trust Bureau. You may contact them for any consumer complaints not resolved in writing with Argent Communications. Contact information for the NH Attorney General is as follows:

    Tel.: (603) 271-3641
    Fax: (603) 223-6202

“The Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau acts to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive trade practices in New Hampshire. When a business does not provide services or products, misrepresents its services or products, or does not provide quality services or products, the Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau may question the business practices and seek appropriate measures to remedy the situation on behalf of the State of New Hampshire. The Bureau's mission also includes consumer education and outreach. The best consumer protection is widespread public awareness of consumer's rights and common scams to prevent problems. This website is designed to provide such essential information to New Hampshire's consumers.” – Taken from the NH Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Website.

To contact Argent Communications you may do so by phone or in writing. Contact information is as follows:

SUITE 2, BOX 235
WEST LEBANON, NH 03784-0235
TEL (877) 295-1254


As part of our efforts to keep our subscribers informed, we are pleased to provide the following important information regarding how our system works with the equipment that you use to receive our cable television services, such as your TV, VCR, DVR and other video equipment.

"Cable-Ready" and "Cable-Compatible" Equipment

One of the reasons you may subscribe to Argent Communications is that we offer many more channels of programming than you are able to receive off air with an antenna. Customers may have TVs or other video equipment that can tune to all of the non-scrambled channels we provide. Others may have older sets that do not tune to the upper cable channels. To ensure that you receive all the channels Argent Communications offers, we can lease you a digital set-top box or boxes as necessary for a low monthly fee.

Even if you have a TV or other video equipment that was advertised as being “cable-ready” or “cable-compatible” when you purchased it, the equipment may not perform as you expected when connected directly to a cable television system; i.e., without a digital set-top box. This is because no standards formerly were applicable to TV manufacturers regarding the reception of cable television channels such as Argent provides. According to current federal regulations, however, TVs and other video equipment sold in the US cannot be called “cable ready” or “cable-compatible” unless they comply with technical requirements adopted by the FCC, including the ability to tune cable channels properly.

You also may encounter other problems or interference when your TV or other video equipment is connected directly to cable. For example, you may encounter interference from over-the-air broadcasts or an inability to receive higher cable channel numbers. These problems often are solved through the use of a digital set-top box, which is available through Argent for a monthly fee. The digital set-top box will “convert” the cable channels to a designated channel (usually channel 3 or 4) on your TV. The process of converting all of our channels to a designated channel means that you can only receive one channel on your TV at a time through the digital set-top box. You consequently may be unable to use certain features of your TV or other video devices without additional equipment.

"Adult At Home" Policy

Our company’s policy is that our installers and technicians will not enter your home to perform work if a responsible adult is not present. We recognize that this may cause inconveniences for some of our customers, but we feel strongly that this policy is essential to protect both you and our employees.


Federal law contains both civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized use or theft of cable services and for manufacturers, suppliers and users of unauthorized devices that facilitate the theft or unauthorized use of cable services. This federal theft-of-service law supplements any existing state or local laws, and provides a remedy against any person who, without authorization, intercepts or receives any communication service which is provided over a cable system. This would include the theft of audio, video, textual data or other service, including data transmitted to or from a customer over a system that has interactive capability.

Cable theft increases our costs in delivering quality service to our customers. We prohibit tampering with our equipment or the use of any equipment to receive unauthorized broadband or other communications services. We will take action to deter theft of service, including service termination, restitution, civil actions for legal damages and, in some cases, criminal prosecution.